MY ACTIONS AFTER THE FIGHT. First off I want to apologize to any of my fans that thought what I did was unsportsmanlike. Looking back on it now I probably shouldn't have reacted that way but my emotions got the better of me. Heather has been on a mission for almost 2 years now trying to fight me and has done the typical trashing of me to try and get that attention to do it. My management told her she didnt need to go that route and simply needed to prove she could make 115lbs and we would consider it. Instead she kept up her hypocritical insults and continued to fight at 125lbs. I'm just tired of all these bigger girls saying they would kick my ass... yeh I'm sure there are plenty of bigger girls that could... so what, and?? I'm focused on me and my division. As soon as we saw Heather make weight and fight at 115lbs we made this fight happen. It was still a big challenge for me because I knew she was bigger, stronger and a well rounded fighter, but I backed my words and fought her because she proved she could make the weight. Heather is a very tough fighter and I wish the drama leading up to it was not as heated as it became but I assure you it was not brought on be me at all. I never attack anyone who hasn't attacked me first. I wish Heather a speedy recovery and I'm not upset that she took a swing at me after the bell... I probably would have done the same. Actually I know I would have done the same! At the end of the day I think our fight generated a lot of attention for WMMA and Bellator so maybe next time Bellator will see the value of putting women on there main cards! Thanks for all you support, xoxo 2013-03-30
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