What really confuses me is the argument that we are in the Bay Areas market. We are not. But for Bay investors we after handy because of the relative proximity. (This is true of LA as well.) At some point people in Seattle and the rest of the country need to acknowledge this isn't about Seattle vs Sacramento. This is about the obvious point: Denying either market is not good business for the NBA. But of course, because the Maloofs have no business acumen that means the Kings and thus Sac will be on NBA welfare forever. It's quite possible that intelligent committed ownership can make money here, and in fact in a new arena with a legitimate winning product I would be very surprised if that was not the case. But oh yeah Sac doesn't have Pike Place or the Space Needle so we're a piece of shit market. Yeah fuck you too national know-it-alls. But lets not tell the real story yet becuz it doesn't sell like righteous justified anger in a stupidity filled pissing contest. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of fucking sense. 2013-01-23
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