THE WORLD'S END (Wright, Britain, 2013, 9) Hmmm ... what should I have now, a dozen beers or a marmalade sandwich? Had me sold from the very first montage ... and then the reveal. Think it's time to just say Wright is the world's best comedy director, at least in English, and in significant part because he is a *director* ... nobody is making commercial films with this level of demented imagination and this level of formal chops -- the editing is sensational and the violence/fight scenes are in a unified space, (largely) uncut and coherent. By contrast, Parker and Stone haven't worked with real actors and Sasha Baron Cohen has gotten by with merely professional direction. Wright is the whole package. Both endlessly quotable and totally nonchalant -- the mangled Anglo-Saxon history, the meaning of Rev. Green, the Cornetto (at least to Americans) -- all tossed off and ignored. Expert structural gear-shifting ... right at the moment the set-up premise is exhausted (both in the film and IRL it's showing), END suddenly becomes something altogether new that had, in retrospect, been being brilliantly set up all along. Also a rare comedy that manages to be about something, be about it in a comic way, and then have the scorpion tail stings at the end. Several of my non-pro-critic tweeps really need to see this and report back: @notjessewalker for the portrayal of The Network (75% of Wright's whole oeuvre is about towns that aren't what they seem); @jamespoulos on both aging and the Pink Police State; and @evetushnet for reasons she knows just fine. This is going real high on my Year End Top 10. 2013-08-25
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